Essential Nursing Skills

In order to become a good nurse, one should learn the basic nursing skills which include first- aid, CPR and more. Read this article to know more about the skills you will need to join the nursing field.

10 Essential Nursing Skills To Become A Good Nurse

If someone is really interested in the healthcare profession, then nursing is the best option and one of the most trusted professions. They do much of their work with the passion for care and hospitality, for every individual, they are always present in front to offer their services to you. They are the persons who work 24x 7 for transforming and curing your life. This profession is the most hospitable one, and these persons are giving their heart and soul to their work. In this article, we will show you the important nursing skills that make them one of the valuable persons in hospitals.

Why Are They Important?

They are the persons who provide you invaluable emotional support. They understand the complexities of your illness. They not only counsel your wounds, they even help you in healing your emotions and mental trauma too. These people are the perfect combination of the skills and knowledge with an additional blend of emotions too.

When you talk about healthcare, in this department nurse is the only one who contacts the patient first. They are the only one, who can directly attach to the emotions of the patient, that’s why the patient can easily share their emotions with them.

About Nursing Profession

In other words, nursing is the profession of health care, which is engaged in the practice of caring patients. This profession is chosen by both men and women. Some nurses are involved in the medical field, but some are engaged in the research field while some of them are performing a wide range of clinical and non-clinical works which are necessary to deliver a quality work in the field of healthcare. Nursing as a career is widely popular and it is considered as the best choice throughout the world. In this profession, you can find that there are various levels in a nursing profession like increasing your educational level and then practicing skills and qualities for the nursing profession.

There are two major distinctions in this profession, one is professional nursing, and another one is task-based. The educational background required for this profession varies from place to place. But, when we are talking about “nursing”, it is one of the most reliable career options.  At this moment, one more question arises in your mind, what the basic skills that this profession needs? Then the answer is, this profession demands a wide variety of skills, and here in this article we shall discuss some basic ones.

Professional Skills

There is no standard protocol of a great nurse. But there are some certain skills which help you in climbing the ladder of the success. Some of the special nursing skills shall be discussed in this article. Here is the list of some of the important skills:

1. Effective Communication

Nurses are the front lines of the healthcare profession. They are the middle person, who exchanges critical information between doctor and patient. As a nurse you have to learn, how to communicate using ‘open dialogue’ with their patients and their families so that they can easily understand the situation of the patient. An ‘open dialogue’ with a patient helps you in diagnosing the condition and situation of the patient deeply; it can also help patients in their medication and in many other medical issues. An effective communication with the doctor and nurses; plays a vital role in the treatment of a patient.  A nurse even helps in consoling their patient with love and words of sympathy.

2. Flexibility

A nurse never knows what a day will bring in their life. They have to make themselves strong enough to handle any unexpected situation. This profession also needs mental flexibility because you have to handle both the complicated and non-complicated cases. The most important skill that a nurse requires is ability to adapt their busy and hectic life schedule among lots of patients.

3. Critical Thinking

A critical and sharp mind can easily succeed in the field of healthcare. They have to tackle multiple critical situations, where they have to keep their patience and even they have to handle this situation too.  The critical thinking of a nurse helps them to analyze the situation of the patient and determine the solution also. They have to be very quick and confident to find the best result in the shortest time possible. The critical thinking ability is very essential in this profession. This makes you a skillful nurse.

4. Desire To Learn

The most effective and capable nurses are those, who can learn things easily and apply them in their profession. If you want to be the best nurse then you have to learn, explore how to apply, and develop much more to learn, throughout their career.

In this profession, if you get the degree in a respective field it does not mean that you are no more a student. In this profession, you are a lifelong student and you have to always ready to learn new things. The field of medicine is always changing, evolving with new things and technology, so be prepared to learn new things.

5. Attention To Detail

Nursing is the most crucial profession as you have to be attentive at every single second of work. In this profession, you have to diagnose your patient as well as, have to complete the case history of the patient. The most critical thing in this profession is, to remember even the smallest details of their respective patient. Even a small mistake in their work can be dangerous in terms of patient health.

6. Compassion

Compassion is the most important skill of a nurse.  If they are not compassionate in their work, then they will not be able to work properly. Therefore it is the most important skill of this profession. Along with compassion, effective communication also plays a vital role in this field.

The nurse is not a common person, but they are the most formal advocate for their patient and their families, who build the link between family and hospital staff. This link becomes stronger only with their soft skills.

The more effectively they will speak to their patient; easily they would be able to diagnose them properly. A good nurse needs a good quality framework of their ethics, which will guide them personally and professionally. This profession needs hard and strong commitment. Along with this commitment, it needs a humanitarian service too.

7. Confidence

A confident nurse showcases their skills and perfect knowledge to provide the best possible care to their patient. If you are not working with confidence, it means that you have doubt on your diagnosing skills. Self-doubt will be dangerous for their patient.

8. Adaptability

Flexibility to adapt to new things and challenges are the most important part of the nurse’s life. This profession involves hectic work and long working hours. This profession demands proper attention.

The demands of a nursing career are also increasing with time. There are lots of options to be considered in this profession. If you get the proper information about this career then it would help you a lot in the future. Some of the nursing courses in the field of healthcare are very popular but others are not so popular. Whichever course you choose it is important that you become successful in this field and you should know how to get success in this career.

How To Become The Successful Nurse?

Whether you have just opted for this field or already a nurse, you should not fly under the radar. Getting success and maintain the status quo should be your goal. Below are the things that one can do so that they can become the best among others.

1. Expand Knowledge

While graduation or post graduation you will acquire knowledge but don’t think that’s enough. A competent nurse is one who walks with the pace of world and acquires the latest information in the relevant field. Attend conferences, educational sessions to improve your skills and knowledge.

2. Read Journals

Research and developments are the inherent part of this field, and they are not going to stop this one should be updated. Read journals or subscribe to the online journals to know about the latest finding and research.

3. Maintain Professionalism

Problems are not going to stop in your personal and professional life, but they can affect your profession so leave them at home when you are at work. Stay in positive attitudes and work like a professional so that your patients and co-workers are not affected by your personal life. Excuses are not acceptable in this field.

4. Be Involved

You cannot be alone when you enter in this field. You will be surrounded by doctors, patients, and other nurses. Stay engaged with your staff members; participate in committees and meetings and other care units. Your involvement is necessary as any suggestion given by you could be helpful for the hospitals.

5. Documentation Excellence

Being a nurse you have to make or prepare documents and reports regarding the current condition of your patients. Any fault or mistake in that is not acceptable as it can severely affect on patient’s condition. Therefore one should be excelled in the documentation. Just marking the boxes on the reports and presenting it to your seniors are going to help neither you nor patients.

6. Embrace New Colleagues

New nurses take a positions of old nurses so you should be ready to cooperate with them. Embrace them and if you are a senior nurse then guide them properly to prepare them for a work environment. Pass your knowledge to the newbie and make them comfortable to work smoothly. They should not feel like outsiders. Maintain your professionalism as nurses are meant for nurturing.

A change in you can bring a huge difference in your surrounding so keep the above things in mind. These skills and guidance will take you to the greater heights in the nursing profession. But if you don’t adopt the changes or grow with time, then it will be the end of your career. Changes are uncertain, but one should be ready to adapt and survive in them.

Nursing is a very challenging profession that requires immense knowledge, positive attitudes and ready to deal with the most difficult situations. So, are you prepared to become a competent nurse? If yes, then acquire traits and special skills of nursing and move on to face what this profession would bring to you.

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