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Nervous for your nursing interview? Here are the best 15 Nursing Interview Tips and Guide that will help you to impress the interviewer and grab the opportunity like a pro!

15 Nursing Interview Tips and Guide

After spending hours and working really hard day, if you have finally aced your nursing exams then it is the time that now you strap on your confidence and all the knowledge to get the job of your dreams. Nursing is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding carries in the medical field, and you will be able to avail the rewards only by getting a good job. The nervousness faced by the students is very obvious and understandable and therefore here are the best interview tips for nurses preparing to appear for the job. However, it is not important that the interviews are only for the job.

You may have to face certain questions to get admission in the university or any other medical institutions as well. That is why it is very important for an aspiring nurse to be able to know all the tactics to impress the interviewer be it for a job or a university.

Interview tips for nurses

Impressing the interviewer and getting a job in the real world requires much more than just textual knowledge. The interviewer in today’s time looks for qualities beyond your educational skills. Confidence, ability to be calm under pressure and perseverance are some of the most common qualities that the employers look for the prospective candidate. Therefore you have to maintain the perfect balance between the theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject. The job of a nurse comes with great responsibility, and a good nurse knows how to fulfill them. Here are some of the RN interview tips to face the job interviews:

1. Be well informed about hiring organization

This is one of the most important points that will help you in impressing your interviewer. Collect as much information as you can regard the organization for which you are appearing for. This will impress the employer, and you will have a better chance of bagging the job. So make a proper study about the organization or medical institution to make a more profound impact on the employer.

2. Ensure that your resume is up-to-date for the job

It is important that you update your resume from time to time to meet up the existing requirements and skills. Your new skills and experiences make your profile stronger, and therefore they must be updated regularly. Another most important thing is that you should ensure that your resume suits the requirements for the job interview. There are certain employers that ask for particular skills in your profile to get the job.

3. Be punctual

You would not want to put a bad impression on the very second you arrive for the interview. Therefore keep in mind the importance of time and being punctual. When it comes to the job of a nurse then being punctual is one of the most important traits that the employer looks for. A patient’s life can be put at stake by an unpunctual nurse. So make sure that you arrive before interviewer.

4. Be professional and compassionate

The medical field is among those fields where the employees are required to be professional as well as compassionate. Insensitive nurses are not a trait of nurses. Therefore whenever you go for a job interview make sure that you show your compassionate side along with the professional one. Your chances of getting a job will be best when the interviewer sees the perfect balance of professionalism and compassion in you.

5. Pay attention on your body language

Your body language exhibits a lot of your traits and your state of mind. Therefore make sure that you exhibit a relaxed and confident vibe while in the interview. Do not smile very wide unnecessarily and do not wave your hand around nervously. Slouching is another sign of bad body language. Listen attentively to the interviewer and give answers confidently. Be true to the employer as giving faulty statements can give a bad impression.

6. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer

Maintaining eye contact with the interviewer while talking to him can build a trust between you. It will be easy to gain confidence in him, and you can carry out a better conversation in the interview. People who don’t maintain eye contact are more likely to lose the job as it shows their discomfort and lack of confidence. The interviewer May believe that you are hiding something or lying if you do not make a proper eye contact. Also by maintaining eye contact, we do not mean that you have to stare at the interviewer. This will rather give a rude impression. Therefore you have to maintain a pleasant eye contact at the interview.

7. Prepare to answer complicated questions

When you appear for an interview with a nurse, then it is obvious that you will be asked complicated questions. You must be well prepared in advance to face all the probable questions so that you don’t feel nervous and lose your confidence. Also, prepare and practice for your facial expressions and the way of answering before appearing for the job interview.

8. Make sure that you are well dressed

Dressing shabbily at the interview can be a big turn off for the interviewer. Doesn’t matter how knowledgeable or perfect you are for the job, but if you are not well dressed, then your first impressio9n can be really disappointing. Your whole personality can be judged based on your dressing, and therefore it is very important to dress properly in an interview. When it comes to the profession of a nurse, then cleanliness and tidiness is a very important aspect.

Neatness is very essential in the medical field, and therefore you must be attentive with that. By being well dressed it doesn’t mean that you have to become ramp walker. Dressing in neat clothes which are well pressed and comfortable with a nicely polished shoe would be enough.

9. Take proper sleep a night before

Having less sleep can increase your anxiety and lower your confidence level. It can also affect your power to recall answers. Therefore, you must ensure that you take enough rest before the interview. Try to take at least eight hours sleep in the night. It will not only help you to be confident but will also make you look better. With pleasant face, bright eyes, and relaxed mind it becomes easy to attract the interviewer towards you.

10. Be very confident

Confidence is something that can make you overcome any difficult situation. It is can be said as the key to success in all the fields, especially medical field. If you are facing the nursing job interview for the first time, then it is quite likely that you become nervous. But you have to understand the fact that no interviewer would like to hire an under-confident or fumbling nurse. Therefore while answering the question in the interview makes sure that you have a composed and cool posture with confidence in your way of talking. A confident personality can put a good impact on the interviewer, and your chances of being selected would be more. However, there is a thin line in confidence and overconfidence.

11. Go through a SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is a must before going to an interview. You must make a study of your strengths, weaknesses, the opportunities to come as well as the threats. This will help you cover all the area that you would face during an interview. Studying your strengths and weaknesses will help you answer the questions smartly. You can list down your strengths and work upon your weakness. You can smartly use the coming opportunities and be aware of the threats beforehand. The SWOT analysis is very useful tool, and every nurse must know it.

12. Prepare list of questions for the interviewer

An interview is much more than just answering the questions. If you want to have a good and interactive session, then you must also ask questions to the interviewer. This will clear your doubts and give a positive impression on the interviewer. You will come out as an interesting person, and the interviewer will enjoy talking to you. However, make sure that you ask only relevant questions as too many irrelevant questions may irritate the interviewer and you may lose your impression on them. Also, make sure that you are not offending the interviewer and your employer with your questions.

13. Eat well before the interview

Do not eat anything that is very heavy on the stomach as well as does not go empty stomach to the interview. Make sure that the meal you have before the interview does not covey the smell while talking. Avoid eating junk food as it will make you lazy and sleepy. Have a meal full of proteins that give you energy. Do not go empty stomach as it will not allow you to concentrate on the interview properly and you will be restless all the time.

14. Be well aware of the surroundings

If the interview is being held in the place that you are unaware of, then it is important that you become aware of the surroundings to avoid any unforeseen problem. It is advisable that you reach a day before the interview and know all about the parking area, the shortest distance to travel, a good place to eat, etc. know3ing about all these factors will avoid any chances of being late and will avoid any upcoming obstacle.

15. Have a copy of your resume

This is another important nursing job interview advice. You must keep a copy of your identity cards and resume so that you do not panic in case you lose your papers. Also, make sure that you make an attractive resume perfectly displaying your skills and achievements. If you have any prior work experience, then it must be mentioned on the resume as well. Also, make sure that you send a thank you email to the interviewer after the interview. This will make a better impression of you.

The above given 15 tips about the job interview of a nurse can also be taken as the nursing university interview tips. These tips will help you when you appear for the interview in universities and medical institutes.

How to prepare for nurse interviews

Preparing for a job interview can make big difference. You can convert your failure into success by preparing well in advance. By making a good preparation, it does not mean that you have to focus only on your studies and the subject. Apart from having a good command on your subject, you must keep in mind the other things too. Prepare for the dress you are going to wear, prepare for the way of your talking and prepare for the organization as well. Keep yourself hydrated, have a good sleep and be confident and hope for the best. Your nursing career will be best with a good job, and you can avail a good job with the help of above-given tips.

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