Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job

7 Essential Questions You Need To Ask Before Accepting A Nursing Job Offer

You have been working hard to attain a nursing job, your interview was good and you think you will get the job. Even if you have always wanted to do a nursing job, it will be wise for you to sit back and think if this is the right choice. There are certain questions you will have to ask yourself before you take the leap into the nursing field. Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself are listed below –

1. Is there a scope for growth in the job?

The first and foremost question you should ask yourself and to the interviewer that, is there any scope for growth and development in the career choice. If you think your career will take the right shape that you want it to take, then go ahead and take the job. However, if you think that the job will not help you grow in the field then, there is no point in taking up the job. Ask the interviewer about formal and informal training and mentorship programs that will help you in your career. If the interviewer is not able to provide you with a clear picture, then it is best to leave the job offer and look elsewhere.

2. How is the work environment?

The work environment plays a crucial role in attaining job satisfaction. If you ask the interviewer about the work environment, chances are that you will get positive responses no matter what the real situation is. There are ways to find out about the work culture. You can ask the interviewer to tell you about the things he/she likes about working here. Also, ask the interviewer to tell you the things he/ she doesn’t like. See if you can spend some time with the team that you will be working with. Spending a little time with the workforce can help you understand the work culture better and this will help you understand if you are the right fit for the job.

3. Do you like your potential supervisor?

Try to evaluate the behavior of the interviewer, ask him/her if you can meet the person who will be your potential supervisor once you join the job. If you get to meet the supervisor, try and evaluate his behavior too. You will be able to understand if you can get along with the person. If you think that it is not possible to get along well with the interviewer or the supervisor, then look for another job as you will not be able to work in an environment where there is tension between you and your boss.

4. Why is the current job opportunity opened up?

If the current employees are leaving their jobs in multitudes, then you should consider thinking twice about the job opening. How will you know why the employees are leaving. Ask the interviewer why the current job opportunity opened up? You can also get in touch with some of the former employees and ask them the reason why they left their jobs. If the employees are leaving in multitudes then there must be something very wrong with the work culture.

5. Is my role going to change over time?

Nobody likes their job roles to change just after a few months. So, when you are being interviewed for a position in the nursing industry, ask the interviewer about the role of your job. Ask the interviewer if the role will change in the coming months and be clear about the job role before you begin to work.

6. How is the workplace (in this case, hospital) doing?

You will have to ask the interviewer about the workplace. See to it that the hospital is doing great. Make sure to ask questions about the workplace and the ethics that the place follows. This will give you an in-depth insight into your potential workplace.

7. Do you really want this job?

Ask yourself, do you really want to do this job? If you find yourself answering a no or if you are not so sure about it then it is better to not join the job. If you are half-hearted about the job you will not be satisfied by the work, which will make you perform poorly at your job. So, ask yourself ‘Is this what you really want’?

So, before you jump to a conclusion about your new job, ask yourself and the interviewer the above-listed questions and look for the answers to it. These questions when answered will save you from joining a job that might not be good for you. After all, job satisfaction is important when working. If you are not satisfied with the type of work you do or because of the work environment, then it is best to look for a job someplace else.
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