Benefits of Nursing Careers

If you are studying to be a nurse, there are some benefits in the job that you should know about. We have listed out the benefits for you.

Some Of The Benefits Of Being a Nurse You Should Know

Do you know what nursing is? Nursing is the profession where a person has to deal with healthcare sector. This sector mainly focuses on the health care of the families, individuals, communities, etc. so that the individual acquire good health as well as quality life. Nurses are different from the other health care providers by their training, approach to patient care or scope of practice. Choosing to nurse as a career is very beneficial, and good salaries are paid to nurses.

In this article, you will get to know more about the nursing and its benefits, but before that, we will deal with the topics related to nursing. You will get to know about the types of nursing fields, the job descriptions, qualifications, skills and then finally what are the benefits enjoyed when you become a nurse.

Different types of nursing jobs are available in the field of nursing like you can work as –

1. Registered Nurses These are the nurses which exist in all provinces. They are also known as RNs, and they hold a 4-year baccalaureate degree in nursing from the Canadian university or from its international equivalent.

2. Advances Practice Registered Nurse – These nurses hold the master’s degree or the advanced diploma in the field of nursing. These types of nurses are required in all territories as well as provinces.

3. Licensed Practical Nurse These nurses hold a 2-year practical nursing diploma from the accredited colleges. They also complete the national license exam to begin their career in the healthcare.

By applying and learning the courses, you can become any of the above types of nurse. In this site, you can easily find the universities as well as details on qualification for becoming- RNs, LPN, or Practitioner Nurses.

Qualification as well as training required – To qualify as a nurse, you have to study 3 to 4 years degree course. Graduates already having the degree in the related subjects like the health, life, and biological as well as social science can qualify through shortened two years post graduate diploma course.

Nurse Job – Nursing is not a job where you have to treat a sick patient, but you also have to offer advice as well as emotional support to the patients as well as their families. Also being a nurse, you have to do lots of paperwork and help the doctor in diagnosing the patients. It is the job meant for dedicated peoples who love to serve their society and save somebody’s life.

Typical Duties That Nurses Do Are-

  • Plans as well as assess the nursing care requirements
  • Provides the pre as well as post-operation care
  • Monitors as well as administer medication and the intravenous infusions
  • Taking patients samples, temperature, pulse and blood pressure
  • Supervises junior staff
  • Tutoring student nurses

Key Skills For Being A Nurse

  • Caring as well as compassionate nature
  • Good health fitness
  • Excellent teamwork as well as people skills
  • Observational skills
  • Verbal as well as written communicational skills
  • Stamina
  • Emotionally charged and able to deal with pressured situations
  • Ability to use initiative

Any person who is pursuing for the nursing field must acquire all these key skills mentioned above then only you can excel in this field and have the good career. Also, you are needed to study from the good university and the colleges and complete the degree with good marks.

Do you know benefits of being a nurse? If not then read further as we are going to discuss the top benefits of being a nurse.

1. Being a Nurse is an Exciting Job – Some people think nursing is very boring professions as all you have to do is take care of the patients and their need. But they are wrong because nurses are never bored working. Some patients may be troublesome for them but mostly being a nurse, you can meet some very friendly and open patients. Also if you are friendly, you get the benefit that you can easily handle your patients. For those people who want to choose nursing as the profession must be very convincing and friendly so that their patients do not feel humiliated or insecure.

2. Respectful Job – Some people think that the only doctor are respected, but they don’t know that being a nurse is a very respectful job. Nurses are respected everywhere as they are the one who looks after the patient when doctors leave. Even when doctors leave the hospital at night nurses look after their patients and ensures that patient does not suffer any problem in the absence of the doctor. They are second gods after doctors who help a patient to survive in the bad condition.

3. Nurses are Paid Good Salaries – Some people don’t even know how much salaries are paid to the nurses. They overlook this profession without even searching in deep about this profession. This is the reason why there is high demand for this profession. Nurses are easily paid between the ranges of 30000 dollars to 80000 dollars. One of the best advantages of this profession is that if you have good skills and knowledge in this field, then you get a higher paycheck. Nurses are high in demand, and they have an enormous impact on the medical businesses.

4. Inspire Patients Every Day – A nurse is a person who got the ability to inspire the patient to live and love his or her life. Even the patients who are suffering from severe disease or illness can be inspired by them to live happily. This ability is possessed only by a nurse and wherever they go and work they inspire the person whom they are working with. Thus, this is the best benefit of being a nurse that you can cheer and motivate people easily. Not all the people have this ability, and only the nurses possess it thus, they are respected.

5. Job Opportunities are Infinite – There is a shortage of nurses in every country. Thus, they are high in demand everywhere. Thus, pursuing this career and being a nurse is beneficial as you can get the job anywhere so easily. Thus, your job is guaranteed no matter whether you move inside the country or outside the country. But make sure you have good skills as well as knowledge.

6. Highest Paying Nursing Jobs – are available and if you are a nurse which specialize in given area or filed then you get paid good salaries. Name of the best-paid nursing jobs are given below

7. Work Near to Your Location – Unlike the fields where you have to move to other places which are far from your location being a nurse you can work in any location.  Nurses are required in very small as well as big clinic as well hospitals. If you do not wish to work in big hospitals or the area which are far away, then you can easily apply in any small clinics where there is a requirement for nurses.

8. Room For Advancement – Being a nurse is of major benefit in the medical industry. You can become a nurse practitioner or any other high-level medical professionals. To become the licensed practical nurse, it will take you only two years.  And for becoming a registered nurse require two to four years. BSc in nursing is the four-year course where nurses are prepared with all skills and knowledge to get the highest position in this field. When you obtain the bachelor degree, this is the step from where you start to get the high wages in this field. You can also apply for the programs that enable you to attain RN to BSN online.

9. Flexible Work Schedule – Unlike other jobs where you have to continuously work for several hours, and you cannot take leaves here, you get huge flexibility in schedule.  If you become a registered nurse, then you can get the benefit that you can adjust the working schedules as per your needs. There are varieties of job options with the different time requirements like you can choose in which shift you want to work- 4, 8, 10 hours or on weekends or the weekdays, etc.

10. Mental Satisfaction – The profession of being a nurse is very satisfying as you get the opportunities to serve and help others. Being a good nurse, you can make a good impact on the injured patients and family as well as console them and give those strengths. A good nurse gets the benefit that she is able to make efforts in building a healthy society. Also, a nurse can be rewarded and recognized by everyone because of his/ her good work.  When you make someone smiles or help them heal or develop a good lifestyle imagine how much mental satisfaction you can get by doing this work, isn’t it?

11. Paid Holidays – RNs during their job enjoy various benefits. Employers pay hundred percent of educational expenses to the nurses who work with them.  Also in most of the hospitals, you will find that RNs are offered free lab work every year. Also, the professionals enjoy benefits like- sick leaves, paid holidays, paid time off, etc.

In paid time off (PTO) you receive payment for every hour you did not work. Example- in some hospitals if you work for a year and receive between 160-180 hours of PTO then it means you can take off for 13 days or 160 hours and 15 hours or 180 hours throughout the year as well as get paid for it.

12. Retirement Benefits – Nurses get huge benefits even after retirement. And it depends on the years they had worked with the organizations. Some of the retirements benefits are given below-

  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Adoption assistance as well as childcare
  • Health insurance
  • Maternity leaves
  • Lifelong learning

These are huge benefits enjoyed by the nurses or the person who adopts for nursing as their career. The benefits are never limited to any career, but the thing is that you must have interest as well as good skill to do any job. It is obvious it is not the job where you can get fame, but you can get good money to run your family and live a peaceful life. You will never be bored doing the job. A nurse can easily handle any health-related issues easily. Even if their family members are injured or sick, they can assist their family and treat them.

Thus, if you are also studying to become a nurse or purse in this career, you will have to be patient as well as dedicated to learning each and everything. You can easily qualify the nursing exam if you have knowledge. And taking admission to a good university, you can excel in this field. For further information on nursing and its benefits, you can easily get it online. Online when you will search the benefits and career paths for the nursing as the field you will see that there is limitless career option available to the one who pursues nursing as a career.

Being a nurse is a good opportunity for those who do not want to face unemployment. Not everyone can become a doctor, scientist, etc. but they can become a nurse and earn much money. Help the society as there are many clinics as well as hospitals where there is a shortage of the nurses. And if you become a nurse then you can save someone life. Serving others when they are injured or diseased gives you immense pleasure, and it is regarded as a good deed. It is a good deed as you get to be on someone’s side that is helpless and needs you to help them. You can discover some very good patients who are going to remember you lifelong for what you have done for them.

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