Free CNA Practice Test Questions – 20 Sample Papers (400 Questions) – Updated 2021

Free CNA practice test questions are important instruments that help in clearing the exams. Practice makes you perfect and thereby helps in passing the exams in a single attempt. You can qualify for the exam easily but it takes a lot of effort to make exams seem easier. These exams will help you understand what the real exam is like. These free CNA practice test questions prepare you for the real exams. It offers an overview of the pattern and type of questions that will be asked in the certification exams.

These tests will help you evaluate your knowledge of the subjects and will help you overcome your weakness. These nursing assistant practice exams will help in boosting your confidence levels and will help in enhancing your competency levels.

If cracking the CNA exam is the only barrier between you and your dreams of joining the healthcare industry, then don’t worry. We are here to help you pass the exams with ease. Nursing assistant practice test sample questions help you learn to manage the time during the exams.

Subjects that will be asked in the real exam

A CNA exam consists of two parts one is the written exam and the other is the skills test. The written exam consists of multiple-choice questions and these questions are used to assess your knowledge about the subjects. The main subjects that will be anticipated in the exams are CNA Roles, abbreviations, reporting, observations, infection control, emergencies, caring for the elderly and the young, emotional problems, common physical problems, safety and managing behavior, caring for the patients who are about to die, end of life ethical and legal issues and more. All these topics are covered in the CNA exams. The test typically comprises 50 to 70 multiple choice questions, similar to the Free CNA practice test questions.

The written exam for CNA consists of 70 multiple-choice questions. Out of these 70 questions, 10 questions are pretest questions that are not- scored. The other categories on which the questions will be asked are listed below –

  1. Health of residents
  2. Promotion and safety
  3. Personal responsibilities
  4. Communication skills
  5. Acute emergencies
  6. Comfort and safety
  7. Basic nursing care
  8. Team Roles
  9. Physical and psychological problems and more

This exam needs you to have a good knowledge of the subjects taught during your training period. We have created a whole range of practice questions for you so that you can clear the Nurse Aide exams in just one try. Our CNA test preparations via online test questions help you to assess your preparation for the exams. It helps you concentrate on the subjects that seem difficult.

These practice tests help in understanding your weakness so that you can work on it and be prepared for the actual nurse aide exam. It is found that studying exactly like you will be tested increases the confidence of the candidates. Our practice tests create a false test environment similar to the real exam.

Passing the CNA Exams can seem difficult for most of you, however, if you practice for the exams properly, you will be able to pass the exams in just one try. In order to practice for the real exams, you will need practice test questions along with a CNA study guide. We offer such practice tests for CNA training along with a CNA study guide for free.

So, if you are planning to take up the certified nursing assistant exams then you should check out these practice test questions. These questions when solved will help you understand the exams thoroughly and will help you get good scores.

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