Nursing Stress

If are looking out for solutions on how to deal nursing stress and burnout then read our best tips and tricks that will help you to bust your stress and enjoy the profession!

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How To Deal Nursing Stress And Burnout?

Being a nurse is a hard job especially when you can’t see someone in pain. Many professionals agreed that people tend to become a nurse to help others in their hard time. In simple words, it is more like a social worker and not only about money. However, working as a nurse is very stressful, and it does have a significant impact on your well being as well as on your health. There are not one but various things that make this profession stressful. Let’s have a detailed discussion on this topic which let us understand things responsible for stress.

Causes of Stress in Nursing

As we know that hospitals, clinic or any other medical institute has always been a crowded place and understaffed as well. However, there are other many reasons that make nursing professional stressful.

1. Emotional Stress

The hospital environment is not pleasing at all. It is full of patients suffering from health conditions and going through their hard time. There are worries and sadness around you, and such environment leads to emotional stress. Many professionals develop an interpersonal relationship with the patients, their family members, etc. Seeing someone dying in front of you is a nightmare, and thus it affects your mental health. Emotions are something that is hard to deal with especially when you are in caregiving business.

2. Feeling of Being “Disempowered”

Though the medical world has developed a lot and professionals can treat some health issues, but still we humans aren’t god. Sometimes nurse doesn’t work under a good leadership; they have to follow the words of professionals because they have no choice at all. Short staff, budgetary constraints etc. are some factors that aren’t in their control. They often encounter with patients that life is going to end soon, but they can’t do anything. All these things make nurses to feel helpless no matter how badly they want to help others. Lacks of inadequate resources, seeing financially poor patients that cannot afford the further treatment bill, etc. make their life stressful.

3. Work Overload

Those who are in caregiving profession are always busy because of workload. Almost all medical institutes are understaffed due to which they have to look after many patients at a time. Sometimes, nurse feels guilty for not being present at the time when some patients need their help. Due to understaffing, one cannot serve or help patients more than their maximum limit even when they want to. Workload even makes them tired and helpless which directly have a negative impact on their health.

4. Sleep Deprivation

When you are involved in the nursing job then getting insufficient sleep is very common especially for those working in shifts. Due to workload, nurse often gets tired and insufficient sleep just makes their condition worse. Getting enough sleep is essential for our good health, but it is very unfortunate for people in caregiving profession. Along with this, their mental health also gets affected by the hospital environment, and there is no way to get out of it.

5. Exposure to Infectious Diseases

When you are around ill people, then infectious diseases also affect nurse health. Professionals wear gloves, use sanitization and take other precautions but still, it’s very hard to save yourself from infectious diseases. Coping with work-related threats and violence is another hard thing to deal with. Relatives, on the other hand, are sometimes very impatient which is obvious but quite frustrating at the same time.

In simple words, being a professional nurse is like a fighter because one has not only to deal with patient’s condition but with their relatives, staff, workload, etc. Feeling helpless is another important factor that causes stress because it demoralizes nurses. When someone is demoralized, then it’s hard to bring that person back especially when you have to work in the same environment every day.

Signs of Stress – in Nursing

There are many symptoms or sign that indicate stress and one should pay attention to these signs. Neglecting these symptoms may lead to serious mental as well as a health issue in future. So, here are they:

1. Sick and Tired Feeling

Fatigue is a symptom experienced by the majority of people and a sign of stress. Stress not only affects our mental health but it makes us physically weak as well. Mind and body are related to each other due to which stress make a person sick. If you always feel tired demoralize, sick, then these are signs that you are suffering from stress.

2. Feeling Unhappy

In this modern& developed world, it is hard to find happiness even when you are demoralized or stressed out. Well, technically it is very harsh to say happy when you are around ill people. There has always been a feeling of grief, and sometimes it makes us question on our existence. However, if you want to treat your patient properly, then you have to cope with such feelings. If you feel unhappy, then this sign is an indication of stress.

3. Feeling De-Motivated

Motivation is the only thing that encourages us to do any work. However, sometimes you get to know some patients that are living their last moments of life or are in pain. Such things make them de-motivated because they can’t do anything. Well, this type of feeling is very common, but this doesn’t mean that it should be neglected. It indicates that you are under stress which needs medical attention.

4. Facing Health Issues

Stress is directly related to health issues, and if overlooked then it can be life-threatening. When I am talking about a health issue, then it can be anything as stress can trigger any health condition. One can get mentally sick which is again dangerous for someone’s health.

How to Deal With Stress at Work?

Though stress is hard to handle but there are many ways to keep it away from you. However, organization plays an important role in it. So, let’s see some ways via which we can cope with this stress:

1. Stress Management Programs

Hospitals and clinics need to have a stress management program for their staff members. Along with the health of their patients, it is essential to take care of their staff health as well. Stress management program should include personal counseling, suggesting various stress-relive methods, etc. Many people don’t take mental health seriously, but it should be taken into consideration. The program is essential because it is beneficial for both staffs as well as for patients. Someone can provide good health care facilities if he/she is mentally healthy. Along with this, they can take quick decision and even make their patient feel good about their services.

2. Take a Break Whenever You Are Stressed Out

Working in stress leads to more stress plus it increases the chances of mistakes. There are many ways & methods through which you can shake all the stress away, and one of the best ways is to take a break. Talk with your colleagues, take deep breathes, close your eyes and sit quietly for one minute. All these tips are very useful and trust me you will feel really good.

3. Do Stuff You Like or Things That Make You Happy

Many of you say that it is really difficult to be happy while you are working but I think it is not. There are many things that can switch off your mood from negative to positive. We all use cells phones, so the listening song is a good idea whenever you get free. Or you can go to the hospital or any other cafeteria and eat something you like. Also, even if you are home, you can talk with your family, view some old photos, watch movies, etc. There are many ways that let you forget your problems for something. The best stress relieving remedy is to hang out with your friends.

4. Do Regular Exercise

I am not saying you to get ripped off but exercising twice a week would be enough. Exercises like yoga are good for mental health like stress and even help with your body pain. In a study, it is shown that exercise makes any person feel great and consider best for relieving stress. Or if you don’t like exercise then garb your earphone, wear your shoes and go for a morning walk. This is the best way to enjoy your favorite tracks and improve your health as well.

5. Let Nature Help You

Human’s beings are surrounded by technology, and we hardly get to see the beauty of nature. Do you know that nature is the best aid and help in relieving stress? It is not like you have to go jungle, but you can enjoy nature while walking in the park. You can visit flower nursery or visit any place that is surrounded by nature. In simple words, just get some fresh air and you will forget what stress is?

Stress Relives – What Organization Has To Do?

Above I have described what causes stress and thus from them, we can derive the answers as well. So, here are some suggestions that let organization to deal with stress:

1. Flexible Staffing Arrangements

As we know that understaffing make you deal with more number of patients. If an organization goes for flexible staffing arrangements, then every one staff member can get chance to get relaxed. Along with this, they don’t have to work continuously, and this helps them with the stress issue.

2. Conduct Regular Staff Meeting

A good leader always listen what their staff has to say? Conducting a staff meeting can give an overview of their employees’ condition. Sometimes conflicts between staff members give stress to both the parties. However, the problems can be solved by the leader plus he/she can get suggestions from the employees as well. One can find out the reasons that are causing stressful environment.

3. Provide Educations Programs

Technologies are kept on changing especially in the medical field. Nurses need to be educated time to time about the emerging or new technologies. It let them learn new things which are quite good for their personal development.

4. Appreciate The Staff

Many times ever after working hard, nurses feel under-appreciated which another reason behind stress is. One needs to be motivated as well as appreciated for their work because it boosts the confidence of a person. Appreciation further motivates the person which results in quality work. Appreciation is a great stress-relive remedy.


Nursing stress is hard to deal, but it is not impossible. However, both medical organizations and staff members need to work together. Both of them need each other support to get rid of this nursing stress. Keep in mind that caregiving jobs are not just about money, but they are also about taking care of others. If you follow the above tips, then stress will be gone from your life plus your productivity increases. A stress-free life is good for both your health and for the profession.

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