LPN to ADN Bridge Programs

You have been a Licensed Practical Nurse for a while now and you want to move forward in your career, if so then, get an Associate Degree in Nursing. Enroll yourself for the LPN to ADN bridge programs.

LPN to ADN Bridge Programs : Requirements, Cost, Duration

How To Transit From LPN to ADN?

Do you have an LPN degree and want to upgrade your career? LPN to ADN programs is a good career option that will let you explore the nursing field in the better way and also offer you a good salary package. In many colleges, these programs are known by different terms like LPN mobility, advancement standing/advancement placement or LPN transition. Upgrading to an ADNs is considered best because a licensed practical nurse does n’t have enough career opportunities in the field of healthcare due to lack of higher education. Although they both serve as a healthcare service provider ADNs have more opportunities than them due to higher education.

Enroll in it to get lot more opportunities in this profession and become eligible for registered nurses. Such courses are highly beneficial as they are the foundation course to practice in the field of healthcare. So, if you want to explore more opportunities and get a significant increase in your salary then opt for this program as it is going to help you in the long run.

There are certain requirements and criteria that students have to fulfill in order to apply for such courses. Read below to know about the requirements, duration and other details related to it.

Admission Requirements

Students having a valid LPN license can apply for the program. An active and valid license is required throughout the course. Some colleges offer both part-time and full-time course. Those working in any medical facilities should have minimum experience of six months for sending an application to colleges. They should also submit a letter of recommendation to the college as proof of their work and employment. These were the basic requirements. The criteria and requirements also differ from colleges to colleges.

However, many different colleges have some common education requirements such as:

  • GED or diploma from high school
  • GPA of2.5 or above ( minimum)
  • Pre-requisites with C grade or above in anatomy, biology, physiology, chemistry, algebra or English
  • Active LPN license
  • Qualified nursing entrance exam or basic assessment test of college

Students having all the above necessities can easily apply for the program in any reputed college. Such curriculum helps in becoming a competent nurse that is skillful in providing the best care to their clients. It also offers a good clinical experience to the students that complement with the knowledge that they get from classroom learning.

Duration Of The Course

One can choose either a part-time or full-time course depending on their choice and need as colleges offer these two options to them. Those opting for a full-time course will complete their LPN to ADN classes in a year during the course period of 3 semesters. However, those choosing the part-time options will take more time because of shortening the length of classes. Thus, they will complete it in two years where there will have to study the total of 5 semesters. However, the duration may vary on the basis of the institution that students have chosen.

Students can shorten the entire course duration by using the credits that they have received during GED or LPN program. A typical program requires 72 credit hours. The credits can be transferred towards the coursework depending on the college’s policy, and thus it allows students to complete the course in less time than one year. The admission office of college will evaluate the transcript submitted by individuals to see the amount of credit that can be transferred.

Since it is considered as the career ladder for nurses Thus many colleges also conduct evening and weekend classes for the students and working LPNs. Moreover, those who don’t have enough time to go to college and study can also apply for LPN to ADN bridge programs online. The online program takes as less as 18 months to get completed.

Cost Of The Course

The cost of the bridge program vary from college to college that includes the tuition fees and other expenses such as uniforms, books, supplies, liability insurance, lab fees, etc. the amount that you have to pay for education also depends on the credit hours.

Those who opt for distance learning through online programs will have to pay the different amount than those who prefer colleges. An online program saves money on transportation and other expenses that have been mentioned above. However, the tuition fee per credit is high than that from the traditional program. Many employers also offer fee reimbursement for further studies to the LPNs working under them. Thus they can get good financial support and upgrade their career and life. Moreover, every Student should decide on their preference and need whether they want to apply for the online course or full-time/part-time.


Almost every college offer additional courses for those who want to continue their studies while working to make advancement in their career and work as certified ADN. With this certification, they become eligible to sit in National Council Licensing Examination. Passing this exam will give them a status of the registered nurse and thus they can work as RNs.

The program covers following concepts:

  • About individual’s perspective, health care system and the nursing profession
  • Interdisciplinary teams, medical administration, informatics, nutrition, evidence-based practice, individual-centered care
  • Concepts of cellular regulation, metabolism, oxygenation, and acid-base
  • Learn stress/coping, impacts of infection, health wellness illness paradigm, sanitary measures
  • Systematic health goals, caring interventions and to examine communication between patient and caregiver
  • Quality improvement cycles, Systematic safety information, informatics
  • Realizing the importance of exercise
  • Examine the work of nurses in different medical settings
  • Take feedbacks from health care nurses
  • Understanding assessment, ethics and interdisciplinary team dynamic
  • Clinical experience

The student undergoes both practical training and theoretical classroom session while. They will get the deeper knowledge of subjects like physiology, biology, and nutrition. The transitioning from LPN to ADN practical training includes sessions that teach about the mandatory nursing skills for this profile. These skills include teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, and patient-centered care, informatics, safety, and quality improvement.

Majority of community colleges offer this program where some of the community colleges can be four-year institutions.

LPN to ADN Bridge Programs Online

The technological advancement has made the education available to everyone whether they are financially sound or not. Therefore, students can take advantage of online ADN programs. The course offered online is divided into sessions, and each session has a dedicated time. It allows a student to take the classroom sessions whenever they are free. No need to attend the regular classes and manage the time as per the need.

This option is good for those who prefer distance learning and cannot spend much time in college. In this, they will learn through the video simulations, emails and live chats. Every video will be based on a topic, and at the end of it, students can ask their doubts and queries. Students have to log in to view a video lecture and learn from it. They can log in any time; also some schools offer live sessions thus students can interact in real time with the teachers.

The online sessions also conduct tests to ensure that they are learning the concepts carefully. But these courses don’t offer the availability of practical training sessions, and thus the students will not get hands-on experience. Therefore, campus-based learning is considered best to acquire some real and hands-on experience.

However, not all schools and colleges offer such courses or programs. Only a few and selected schools offer these options to their students. Mostly, community colleges, vocational schools, accredited nursing schools and universities offer these kinds of programs. Individuals can apply to any of such institutions to enroll in an online course. The program should be accredited by NLNAC, i.e., national league for the nursing accrediting commission. So, before applying must check for it.

Distance learning is more flexible than the traditional learning. It is also efficient and fastest method through which one can pursue the nursing degree. It gives flexibility to both students and professors to manage their schedule and time. It also offers e-learning tools to provide the knowledge in the better way to the students. It gives two options to the learner- whether to learn whenever they want or learn with other students. The first methodology is called asynchronous system, and other is synchronous as the individual learns with other students at the same time.

Online LPN to ADN allows students to retake any classes in case they miss any lecture and thus make the process hassle-free. Also, they can interact with others through chat options and exchange notes. Thus, most of the learners prefer online programs.

Advantages to Becoming LPN to ADN

Many students are confused when to come to choose between higher level courses. Both BSN and ADN offer higher education to graduates, but there is a difference between them. So, before you ask why to prefer ADN, let us understand the basic difference between them.

Both programs differ in the length and duration of course as well as the credits required completing it. Bachelor of Science in nursing or BSN is a four-year program that offers in-depth knowledge of the subjects. It gives more intense training in critical thinking, leadership, communication and clinical skills. Since the nursing field is full of challenges and required the new way of thinking, thus most of the nurses preferred BSN.

However, the same can be achieved through the ADN, but in less time thus it has an additional advantage over it. The course is best for nurses who want to take the entry-level nursing role in the upcoming ten years of their future. It also cost less in comparison to that with BSN. The duration of the course is also less, and it takes only two years to complete the program.

The good thing is that both programs include the same curriculum which includes:

  • Adult health
  • Pediatrics
  • Maternal and newborn nursing
  • Community health nursing
  • Gerontological nursing
  • Psychiatric nursing

So, those who wish to become nurse quicker can join the LPN to ADN online.

Advantages of ADN are as follows:

  1. The cost is less and thus affordable for everyone
  2. You will quickly get the certificate
  3. Lots of opportunities
  4. You can later take part in RN-BSN program
  5. After becoming RN, you will earn same as those with BSN degree
  6. Have exceptionally good positions in management and specialty

Thus, this is the quickest way to become RN rather than completing a bachelor degree and then pass the NCLEX. The huge portion of the workforce in the nursing profession is RN, and thus every nurse wishes to get that status as soon as possible. Many think that a bachelor degree is the only way and thus spend a long time in getting prepared for being registered nurse. However, such bridge programs reduce the gap and allow you to achieve your goals early and that to be with professional knowledge and skills. This makes you suitable for working in any hospital, nursing homes, home health and so on.

You will have to do assessments, make judgments, analyze and use critical thinking and logical skills based on training and education that you have received to complete your challenges. You will have to manage complex situations that include the administration of drugs. Furthermore, you can opt for different career paths once you become RN. You can go deeper into this field by getting specialization in research, legal nursing, information technology and more.

Also, once you opt for LPN to ADN bridge programs online, you will see a clear difference between your skills and salary as well. ADN earns more than LPN, and their salary is equivalent to those with BSN. However, this happens only when you prefer taking the course from good institutions. Individual’s performance and ability to grasp the concept also matters. Thus, by combining your skills and education, you can become a good RN and enjoy the incentives and good opportunities in the nursing profession. So, search for a good college or nursing school and apply for the same and upgrade your career.
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