LPN to MSN Bridge Programs

Get your Master of Science degree in Nursing in no time. When it comes to moving up in your career, join LPN to MSN bridge programs, every detail about the program can be found in this article.

LPN to MSN Bridge Programs : Requirements, Cost, Duration

Make your dreams come true with LPN to MSN Programs

All the Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) who have a will to advance their career and seek better opportunities for future, take various career advancement options, out of which, procuring an (MSN) Master of Science in Nursing Degree is the largest preferred one. It not only assists the nursing professionals to grab advanced positions in various reputed organizations, but it also broadens and strengthens up their knowledge and understanding in this promising field of work. The job broadcast for such individual is fulfilling and attractive.

And thus, to assist them is making their dreams real, LPN to MSN Programs are now introduced as bridge courses in various universities and colleges, along with online portals. So, read further and discover in detail about the LPN to MSN bridge programs.

What Actually the LPN to MSN Programs is?

As in already explained above, the journey from LPN to MSN is that a leap from being an amateur to professional. MSN being the master’s degree opens the window of various opportunities that can help an individual to flourish economically, practically and skillfully. It lets you enjoy excellent and multiple perks like that of job security, competitive pay, bonuses, rewards, overtime and working with renowned experts. However, it is not easy as it sounds. Currently, there is no any single path through which you can directly take a leap and catch up with the MSN degree. Although bridge programs are available in order to assist you in progressing and flourishing quickly, they too, can’t save you from the double struggle that is essential.

How to Become an LPN to MSN Professional

The addition of this master’s degree, in any individual’s portfolio, will help the professionals to get exposed on to better opportunities. However, when we see practically, there is no direct root or path which can assist you in procuring one. Thus, the LPN to MSN direct bridge courses do not exist. There the two ways through which you can do so, although, in each of these, the LPNs have to be a registered nurse which makes them qualified for the MSN program?

Some of the schools allow the scholars with bachelorette degrees (BSN) to pursue their master’s program in nursing. This is the right and a versatile path for all the LPNs to earn their degrees in a lawfully right manner. Another way is through getting your RN done. You can take the LPN to RN program and after completion; you can head on for the MSN degree. Both of these turn out to be fruitful and effective in the race of earning an LPN degree.

The details of these are mentioned below-

1. LPN-to-BSN Bridge Program

This program is termed as the perfect path for qualifying and attaining the MSN degree with ease. Most of the schools or the universities generally prefer the scholars with this degree as they have in-depth knowledge of the concepts and they are experienced too. Generally, it takes you four years to earn this bachelor’s degree along with full-time studies and training. However, as you are doing this to attain your MSN degree, through a bridge program, you can effectively earn your BSN degree much faster. This will take in account, your earlier training and education as an LPN, and also, as per the program and credentials, the time duration could reduce down to 2-3 years. With this, you require an RN license too.

2. LPN-to-RN Bridge Program

Being a nurse, you probably might be aware of this program. RN or registered nurse program is a two years course that facilitates the LPN’s in earning their associate degree in nursing (ADN). This is an alternative path for all the individuals to qualify for the RN licensure. When you get this, you will be allowed to sit in the national examination known worldwide for nursing students, which Is NCLEX-RN. After this program completes, you become eligible to apply for other degrees as you become a registered nurse with legal and authorized licenses.

What are the Further Requirements for this Transitioning from LPN to MSN?

Now, after you have completed any of the above mentioned two bridge programs, you can expect yourselves to get enrolled in the MSN bridge program. The time duration of this program might differ as per the provisions of universities, states and even on your background and experience. However, it is largely scattered over a period of 2-3 years. This also depends upon your coursework which is offered in the initial stages. There are various prerequisites that you might need to fulfill as per the stated norms of a place. However, the general factors to be considered include-

For LPN to RN or LPN to BSN

  • A valid and currently active LPN license
  • A high school diploma or the GED
  • Prescribed certain GPA of 2.0 or 2.5 from our of a scale of 4.0 in your high school, or previous LPN degree as per the requirements of the university or state
  • Documentations which illustrate your work experience as an LPN professional.

For RN to MSN or BSN to MSN

  • It requires a valid RN license or the BSN degree which has to be considered
  • You might require providing the documentation about your works or training which you have completed
  • Transcripts and diploma
  • GPA of minimum 2.0 or 2.5 in your earlier completed bridge program
  • A letter of recommendation or a character certificate with references from higher authorities of your university (certain cases)

Selecting Specialization

After you complete the following documentation process, you are eligible to proceed further. However, the major task is that of selecting a specialization, which means your field of interest for later studies. This will solely depend on what are your capabilities, skills and what do you wish to do with the later years of your life. For instance, if you wish to move further into advanced nursing practice so as to be an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), then you either have to go for a pediatric nurse practitioner or family nurse practitioner. However, if you rather wish to play the role of leadership and management, then you can go for specialization in nursing leadership or in administration as well.

The most preferred specializations which are available, in MSN program for you to choose from including Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and MSN in Nursing Entrepreneurship.

The Duration and Cost of LPN to MSN Bridge Program

As it is already explained above that there is no direct and specified way to bridge the gap between LPN and MSN; the term duration is also not specified. Every university, school, college or online portal which you opt for, runs upon certainly specified norms as per the state. Thus, wherever you take admission, the time duration might differ. However, for the ones looking out for full-time courses, so as to get in-depth knowledge and understanding, the course will take 4-5 years. This is because, your LPN to BSN program will take approx two to three years and then after completion of this, your BSN to MSN would take another two to three years so as to complete the whole bridge program. Ultimately, you eventually have to be extremely dedicated and patient as the course could be ended within a shorter duration.

Now coming to the most part, again, as the degree is not one, you are free to choose different colleges and universities as per your requirements and convenience. The cost will also depend upon what you are planning to pursue. What you would pay for LPN to BSN or RN would definitely differ from the charges that will occur in your RN to MSN or BSN to MSN program.

Apart from this, the charges fluctuate as per the state, country, university, online or offline training too. This again gives you the liberty to choose whether you wish to pay high and get a great quality education, or you wish to keep your funds balanced without investing much. Other factors that determine the cost fluctuations include lab fees, tuition fee, athletic fee, health fee, videos and extra lecture charges, exam fee, infrastructure fee, and a lot more that is either taken semester wise differently or is included in your whole scheduled fee plan. In general, the costs incurred in your Generic BSN could be around $16,100 or beyond, RN-to-BSN- $9,000 or beyond, and for MSN it could be $13,328 or beyond.

Accreditations Carried in by Such Bridge Courses

Well, the Transitioning from LPN to MSN is not quite easy. While dealing with your patience and hard working ability, you also have to play a smart role while you choose your university or college. At every process when you progress and enroll in the programs from LPN to MSN, you have to be fair enough and should choose a properly accredited bridge program. If you miss the bull’s eye and complete your studies from an institution that is not accredited properly by a reputed body like CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education) or ACEN (Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing) your whole efforts and degree would turn out to be worthless.

In addition to this, you will not be able to progress to any further stages or levels of education, Learning, and experience. Without the proper accreditation, no employer will wish to hire you as your credibility will be in doubt. Thus, in order to stay safe, always extra and double check, research thoroughly and then only go in for enrollment, always check it with your state’s board of nursing before you pay for the course.

LPN to MSN Bridge Programs Online

For those, who don’t wish to put their whole time and entire teenage and adult life in studying and progressing from the LPN level to their final MSN level, there are various online programs that have now been introduced. This is because each of you might have to undergo various tasks within a day, undergo your job and even take up various household obligations instead of just completing your degree. So finally and fortunately, a lot of bridge programs have formed their path on the online platform, and their online versions offer a huge bulk of flexibility to every smart individual. To get admitted in any online LPN to MSN program, you need to fulfill the following requirements-

  • A state license in nursing
  • ADN from an accredited school of nursing
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Telephonic and in-person interview
  • Submission of scores from Graduate Record Exam (GRE)

However, every online program is a technically hybrid program and you can’t opt for a fully online course because none as such exists. In the hybrid one, some of the work has to be typically undertaken within the professional labs. However, you can get your lectures, videos and study materials through an online portal. The local actions are considered as a part of your externship, and they are quite essential for every scholar to complete. However, the added component of online studying makes things flexible and convenient as per time and place.

Benefits of Transitioning from LPN to MSN and Top Schools

There are incredible benefits that come with an advanced master degree in nursing. When you hold the MSN degree, you become a specialist in a specific field that can serve your interests. This degree only gives you the title of being a true specialist. With MSN, you also have better job prospects and higher pay.  Renowned institutions then get impressed with your portfolio and connect with a will to hire you. This eventually increases your experience level, and thus the performance scale goes up. Your technical, emotional and human skills sharpen up with are largely required in this critical field of understanding. You can also be a teacher and be the ideal to others.

The most renowned and preferred colleges include Simmons School of Nursing and Health Sciences,  Chamberlain College of Nursing, Capella University,  South University,  University of Cincinnati and a lot more.
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