LVN to RN Bridge Programs

If you have always dreamt of becoming a Registered Nurse then Let your career soar with the LVN to RN bridge programs. Read all the details about the program here in this article.

LVN to RN Bridge Programs : Requirements, Cost, Duration

Get on Board with LVN to RN Bridge Programs

Experimenting with our career is not always considered as a safe deed. However, when it comes to bridge courses, then the case is exceptionally beneficial. A shift from LVN- Licensed Vocational Nurse to RN- the registered nurse can completely transform your skill set. Moreover, it paves the way for better professionalism, increased pay scale and excellent learning prospects which are quite essential for every medical scholar today. Students, those who have already procured their vocational nursing license, they can take up a transition to RN program while it takes into account, all of their past educational understanding towards the Associate Degree of Nursing.

Know About LVN to RN Programs

LVN to RN schools and their programs are specifically designed for the licensed nurses who are looking up to advance their career path. All the LVN’s are evaluated on the basis of certain credits which they get during the general education courses which are transferable as well. Their primary function is that of working around the bedside care, vital adjuvant care, and drug administration. On the other side, the RNs constitute the higher percentage of the nursing workforce, and they are much credible too.

The nursing bridge programs even offer a practical healthcare training in the field of drug interaction, pharmacological valuation, and physical assessment and also in patient management. All the Paramedics who are looking forward to working as an RN can take up such bridge programs at any stage of their career and education. The certified bridge program allows effective application of their skills set, along with the knowledge and understanding of both legal and medical frameworks. It even includes healthcare programs that cover the topics of chronic health problems, resource management, and professional ethics. Let’s read further and discover more about the LVN to RN certified programs.

How to Become LVN to RN

Undertaking professional degree is quite essential, especially in the field of medicals.  Through the help of their LVN education, the amateurs, with a starting point, can get more in-depth knowledge of the advanced medical curriculum at a highly accelerated pace. Upon the completion of the program, the nurses attain full rights and get desirable qualifications to sit in the NCLEX-RN which is a national RN licensing exam. As per the student’s transferrable credits, the Transitioning from LVN to RN can even reduce up to a period of 6 months, unlike the traditional bridge programs. How to become RN from LVN? Well, there are certain parameters!

Various LVN to RN programs in California bring in these courses which offer an associate degree. The LVN is required to have certain experience before she applies for the latter. The programs have various prerequisites, and thus, every nurse must complete these. You can either take up online courses, or the ones being provided at physical universities or colleges. After meeting all prerequisites, the nurses enter into the RN program during or as a third- semester scholar and the education completes after a year.

All the scholars or students, who have completed their LVN program and have obtained the desired licensure are eligible for taking up this bridge course and advanced placement into the RN programs. The students should complete nursing 18, the Transition Course for Advanced Placement Students along with the Placement Exam with specified passing grade or score.

Requirements For Such Nursing Bridge Programs

The students with valid and legal LVN license can put up applications for this program. However, there are various specific requirements that you might need to fulfill as per the university or institution that you opt for. Many organizations bring up both part-time and full-time courses, although, their values and credits differ as per your choice.  Physical, legal and authentic documentation act as the priority in such cases. The major requirements, however, would definitely fluctuate based upon the place, and university you choose. But, in case you are looking for the general needs, then here are some- Active Vocational Nursing License in standing

The overall cumulative grade points (GPA) must be nearly 2.0 or 2.5 from any college and coursework.

  • Completion of Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, and Microbiology or equivalent, with a combined GPA of 2.5 and grade not less than C for every course individually.
  • Completion of English Composition and satisfactory result of the ADN or BSN TEAS V Test in certain cases.
  • The additional requirements might also include the knowledge of communications, mathematics and General Psychology, or Human Growth and Development

Many universities even ask up for official transcripts which are provided in a sealed envelope from each of the university or college you have attended. These have to be submitted with the applications to the program along with all prerequisites and asked information. Apart from these specific educational requirements, a basic sound health is a must. The students must have physical examination, immunizations and laboratory tests, just before the nursing program starts. The applicant must also be free from any sort of infections, communicable diseases and should be able to undertake all requirements as stated above.

How Much the LVN to RN Programs Cost?

Again, just like the requirements, the cost which incurs while you take up a Transitioning from LVN to RN also depends upon the college or university that you choose. As various universities, don’t wish to burden you with different charges for everything, they generally plan out a schedule that includes lump sum amount required to be paid during every semester. Generally, this includes the costs of your textbooks, including the videos and online resources, the nursing kit, sets of nursing scrubs, the nursing databases online, verifications, exam preparations, wireless access, tutoring sessions, comprehensive final examination and a lot more. The whole transition program if estimated might cost up to $10,370 per semester along with a one-time application fee of $100 in most cases.

Moreover, the additional charges or costs that are required to be deposited based upon the states and expertise available at such places. When you opt for advanced schools with effective professionalism, you definitely have to pay more. But, in cases of cities where facilities lack, the fees would also be less. There are various such universities that bring in training and internships privileges as well. Thus, here, you might need to spend some extra bucks. The fees also change from semester to semester and as per the addition in the curriculum.

Term Duration For LVN to RN

Just like every other recognized and licensed nursing program, LVN to RN also includes the basic understating and ability to choose between ADN and BSN. While you sign up for the program, you must be able to decide whether you would like to pursue an associate degree in nursing, or you would go for Bachelor of Science in nursing. The first one takes up two years in general, and the later, is judged as per traditional basis will consume four years. Thus, when you are looking up for course durations, it largely differs from the state, university and the various measures which they take up for teaching.

In various online training institutions, the course duration even contracts up to 6 months, however this test your caliber on a large scale. You have to undergo various tests, assignments and have to be technically and theoretically sound in a small duration. Going for traditionally longer periods will let you get some time to engage in other chores.

If you look further, up over the advantages, then taking ADN degree is more beneficial in terms of quick course ending. Here, as the duration is less, you will get your course completed in a shorter duration. However, there are various universities, and even employers, who partially favor BSN degree holders because they depict in-depth knowledge and understanding of various concepts. With a BSN RN, you will attain the benefits and opportunities to move in specific areas of specialization. Eventually, you would have greater autonomy, higher pay scale and you will also stay eligible for more promotions.

Why Choose LVN to RN Bridge Programs Online?

Since you have already pursued your LVN, you might probably also going through a regular job. But, completing your bridge program while also undergoing your job is not as easy as it sounds. However, various institutions have now played the trump card with their online lectures, videos and professional classes, which make the study process, and attainment of such degrees easy for the students. There are now various programs that offer online components. However, most of the programs are hybrid ones. You can also opt for completely online oriented programs, but they might create certain obstacles in your journey.

The hybrid programs are partly done in personal and are partly executed online. Here, you can undertake the clinical at any of the local healthcare facilities. This is because such requirements could not be fulfilled through an online platform. Thus, the hybrid platform gives you immense flexibility and lets you fit into your schooling more easily and comfortably while managing your job and other things as well.

Why are accreditations essential?

While you are looking up for LVN to RN Bridge programs online or even offline, it is essential to find a well, accredited institution from where you can procure your degree. Attending any non-accredited program is not useful and is literally problematic in various aspects. As soon as you complete the program, through any non-accredited place here, you would emerge as someone, who will not be able to take NCLEX-RN. This is one really essential and recognized requirement for sitting in the exam and passing an approved and accredited training program.

Up next, the non-accredited program will showcase you as ineligible for the financial aid. If you are securing the hard-earned sum, you must always be extra alert and only sign up for the credited programs. Always go for such bridge programs that are accredited by renowned organizations like Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) or Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, (ACEN).

Benefits of LVN to RN Bridge Programs

Such bridge programs offer significant benefits and opportunities for the career development of various scholars. The nursing graduates here get the keen understanding of various professional concepts and learn to deploy both medical and problem-solving skills. With increased age, through training and more time with patients, they develop better communication skills, emotional parameters and human behavior which makes them proficient in their task. And the essential thing is, they get the certification of RN, which is the compulsory tag every professional nurse must have.

Transitioning from LVN to RN also brings in various opportunities for the nurses. You can work in the most dynamic and suitable environments at higher posts, as per your talent, skills, knowledge and moreover the experience. You would get to earn high wages, along with fluctuation overtimes, bonus, insurances and many other allowances which make this transition the best decision of every nurse. You will become proficient in both vocational courses and other aspects that make you a better professional. Your skills will serve you in every phase of life with greater positives.

Top Schools for LVN to RN

Today, you might discover numerous schools and colleges that serve your needs of getting admitted in the best LVN to RN school. Around the globe, such institutions have largely flourished due to their advanced teaching methods, lectures delivered by professionals, and international tie-ups for giving the students an incredible exposure to the world.

The most preferred top schools in California include West Coast University, Azusa Pacific University, California State University San Marcos, California State University East Bay, California State University Fullerton and much more. These universities have got both online and offline alternatives for students while introducing the hybrid one too. Whether residents or nonresidents, anyone can be a part of these colleges and can pursue their LVN to RN degree online.

Thus, all those who want to excel in their career and wish to set up a milestone for others could easily opt for LVN to RN programs and can enhance their pay scale, experience, knowledge, and skill set at its best.
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