NCLEX-RN Study Guide

They say, Practice makes a man perfect. So, Practice answering questions that are similar to those that will be on the actual exam. Read to know about the NCLEX – RN study guide and Free sample NCLEX practice questions.

2022 – NCLEX-RN Study Guide And Free Sample NCLEX Practice Questions

Do you have interest in becoming a nurse? Do you know which exams you will have to give for becoming a nurse or for taking admission in a good nursing college? After completing graduation, you have to give exam named as NCLEX RN exam before you began practicing as a nurse, it is important for you to give this test. The major goal of this test is to determine whether it is safe for you to practice as a nurse or not.

The full form of NCLEX is national council licensure examination. NCLEX have two verities- RN as well as PN.  RN is the version for registered nursing while PN is the version for the (LPN) practical or (LVN) vocational nursing.  Graduates of northeastern accelerated BSN program must be concerned about the registered nursing version of the test.

All RN aspirants needed to take this test to obtain the certification in any of the fifty U.S. states or the District of Columbia or four U.S  Territory, including virgin islands, Northern Mariana Island, American Samoa, Guam.  The test is for testing skills, abilities, as well as knowledge of the nurse.  The national council of state boards of nursing, Inc., organizes this exam and conducted by the testing vendor, the Pearson VUE NCLEX. Your competence level is tested through an interactive system called as Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT).

Levels Of The NCLEX-RN Exam

A five-step process is involved in the NCLEX – RN. Each question comes in any one of given categories-

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Intervention as well as implementation
  • Evaluation

Types Of The Question Asked

Multiple-choice questions are asked and a new format is introduced by NCSBN-

  • Selection of the multiple correct answers
  • Recognition as well as selection of definite area of the drawn body part
  • Ordering the medical procedure or steps of nursing
  • Free responses to mathematical question that involves medication calculation

Three different level of questions are asked in the exam-

1st Level- this section includes nearly 10% of the overall questions as well as comprises of basic questions. It tests understanding, knowledge as well as skills of the individual to recall any specific information as well as the facts.

2nd Level- the second level is on analysis as well as application type questions. Requiring a person to know specific information as well as implementing it.

3rd Level- this section includes some complex questions as well as an individual is required to evaluate, judge as well as combine information at last. Upon reading a question, a person has to apply facts, rules, as well as processes they know then constantly decide on the particular given situation.

Level 2 and 3 covers 95% of the total questions.  Now, for giving this exam, it is sure that you will have to go through some important topics, which are to be cover in the question paper. Thus, here we have discussed the topics that you must go through while you prepare for the NCLEX exam.

Depending on the topics given below Nursing NCLEX questions asked

1. Physiological Integrity- this section includes 43-67% of the question. Thus, a majority of the questions comes from this section. Questions are based on-

  • Adult surgical as well as medical care
  • Pediatrics
  • Gerontology
  • Infectious diseases

2. Safe as well as Effective Care Environment- this section covers approximately 21-33% of the questions. Questions are based on-

  •  Safety issues in the patient care
  •  Topics related to administration of medicine to patients
  •  Isolation precaution
  •  Safety measures to avoid injuries as well as infections in future
  •  Special safety steps for patients with the psychiatric problem
  •  Safety for the pediatric patients

In this section question may also come based on- laboratory test, unique nursing procedures and test results, legal as well as ethical nursing problems, and issues associated when giving the best care to patients, and nursing management.

3. Health Promotions, as well as Maintenance- this section, include nearly 12% of the question. Questions are related to-

  • Birth control measures, labor, and delivery, pregnancy
  • Care of the newborn, their growth, as well as development
  • Diseases which spread easily like the sexually transmitted infections
  • Development of fetus, information of proper diet, signs as well as symptoms of the complication in pregnancy
  • Certain pregnancy-related processes

4. Psychosocial Integrity- this section include nearly 12% of the question. Question is on-

  • Patients having psychiatric difficulties as well as unique issues
  • Coping mechanism needed in diverse circumstances
  • A psychosocial topic which falls short of the psychiatric illness
  • Disorders: depression, eating disorders, organic mental disorders, personality disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders
  • Therapy through communication, crisis intervention, and substance abuse

Make sure you have good studies of the topics given above. If you learn and clear these all topics then surely you will be able to pass the exam. Students who want to give NCLEX exam must go through the format or the pattern of the paper. If you know the format of question paper, then it will be easy for you to manage time as well as prepare for the exam.

Format Of The NCLEX-RN

The test is to be conducted using computerized adaptive test format. Ninety percent questions are MCQs while rest are fill in the blanks, identification correct area on the picture, putting numbers in correct sequence, or making correct choice from the options list. The number of questions that you will receive will be between seventy-five to two sixty-five. Fifteen Experimental questions asked will not count as the score. Six hours provided to the students for completing the test. After two or half hour of test candidates allowed the short break, and again after three or half hour, you can take a break again.

Your test may end for any of the given below reasons-

  • Answering all the 75 questions correctly to demonstrate the competency
  • Answering most of the answers incorrectly from total questions
  • On answering maximum number of the questions of the test (265 questions)
  • On reaching the time limit, i.e., six hours

How To Register and How Much Does The NCLEX Cost?

If you want to give NCLEX- RN test and want to register for it, then you will have to pay 200$ as an exam fee. For doing the registration and for filling the exam form you will have to visit the official website for this exam and follow the steps give. You can also register with national council of state boards of nursing for this test. Make sure you read the eligibility criteria for this exam and then apply for the exam.

On the day of Examination what you need to do

Once you get the center of examination as well as admit cards, there are few things to do like Keep the admit card safe during as well as after the exam until result out. Other things you need to remember on the day of examination are-

  • Make sure you have your ATT letter with you as well as acceptable ID to Pearson professional center
  • In the test room, do not take along the gloves, coats, hats, etc
  • Reach the examination center 30 minutes before the exams start. No applicant allowed entering exam hall after the ½ an hour of commencement.
  • Applicants need to do a signature, give palm vein scan as well as keep a recent photograph
  • You may not take the writing instruments, paper, erasable marker, or calculator with you like all of these things provided to you at the exam hall
  • Take required time to analyze every question and take a break from cheering yourself up
  • After completion of the exam, the short computerized survey is displayed. You need to raise your hand as well as wait for the turn until TA releases you.

For qualifying any exams, you know you must have good preparation then only you can score good marks. For good preparation, it is good if you already have the materials with you. If you do not have material for the preparation of the NCLEX exam, then you can take an online m practice test, see the previous year’s papers, practice question for nclex m, sample papers solved and unsolved.

Tips For The Preparation

To pass licensure exam, you can follow the given tips

If you have just completed the graduation then you be aware of the much content thus, try formulating strategies for answering the higher level question. Try categorizing every question according to the topics and this will help in saving your time as well as then you can answer well. See the question paper format, its length, content as well as try solving sections those sections first which you know very well and then turn towards difficult ones. Make sure you practice sample questions and see that how much time you are taking to complete each section of the question paper.

Revision is a necessary part of preparation. Make sure you revise everything before one month of the exam. Revise every topic you learned before. Do not start learning new topics at the end. Because if you start new topics at last moment, then you will get confused and having half knowledge is of no use, as you know. Thus, making a schedule and preparing well will play an important part if you want to clear this exam. So, make a good schedule of what you need to study every day.

In addition, to give the exam, you must have enough stamina as you are going to sit there for 6 hours. Thus, eat well and take good sleep before the examination day. Do not give stress to your mind and do not study at the last day or before an exam. Many students do this mistake, they open book before the exam and get stressed if discovers that they have left some important topic. Eat well and drink well before you go for giving the exam. When you do not eat properly, usually your stomach starts to ache in between the exams and then you cannot concentrate on the paper.

In case you feel unsatisfied with the exam, results or you fail to pass. In addition, you want to retake this exam then you can retake it. There are some steps to follow to retake the exam. Note that you can give retest after 45 -90 days of the previous exam. In addition, you need to inform the board of nursing about why you want to retake the exam as well as determine fees or document required.  Do re-registration and pay the fees. When you receive ATT, scheduled again for the NCLEX-RN test.

Results Of The Exam

If you have applied to the board, which is a part of the quick result service, then you can receive an unofficial result within forty-eight hours of exam completion. All you need to do is pay 7.95 dollars on Pearson VUE nclex candidate website. The board will mail the official result of this examination approximately after one month of the examination.

Now, you must have understood all the details of the NCLEX –RN exam clearly. We have discussed the format of question paper, topics covered in the question paper, the registration process for the exam, tips to prepare, steps to retake the test as well as when you will get results of the exams.  Start preparing well and clear this exam if you want to have a bright career in the nursing field. For any other information as well as queries, you can see the official site of this examination and get all your queries clear.

On the Official website, you can get the good knowledge of this exam. In addition, you can see the criteria of scoring, the importance of this exam. You can also read about why you need to give this exam and if you give this exam and then pass what you can do next in future. All the interested applicants must apply for this exam before the last date of submission of the exam. If the last date for registration and filling of the form passes then, you will have to wait until next year. So, be quick and register yourself for this exam. Give your best as well as study hard to clear the exam.

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