Telemetry Nurse

A Telemetry Nurse monitors the vitals of critically ill patients. If you like jobs that need, you to stay on your foot 24X7 then you should become a Telemetry Nurse. Read all about the job here in this article.

AVG    Annual    SALARY
AVG    Monthly    SALARY
$23.39 - $43.18
AVG    Hourly    SALARY

Telemetry Nurse Salary And Job Description

Nursing is one of the most crucial parts of medical science. A hospital couldn’t be able to work in a proper manner without nurses. With the increasing health issues among people, the job of a nurse has seen a great shoot in the demand. There are various sub-categories in nursing and the most important among them is a telemetry nurse.

Telemetry nurse works with the patients that require special monitoring. They have to take care of the patients who are released from the intensive care unit of the hospital and are still in a fragile state. Because the telemetry nurse performs such a crucial work in a hospital, they are in demand all the time. This is the reason that a job of telemetry nurse forms one of the most lucrative nursing specialties for any aspiring nurse.

What Is Telemetry Nurse?

Telemetry nurses are a must at any hospital and nursing centers. They specialize in taking care of the critical patients who are recently released from the intensive care unit and require constant monitoring and care. They make sure that the patient receives all the necessary medical technology and ailment on time and make sure that they show a progress in health. It is the job responsibility of a telemetry nurse to keep a record of the patient’s condition as well as keep reviewing the equipment to save lives potentially.

The job of a telemetry nurse is said to be one among the topmost seven in-demand nursing specialties. It is a growing profession and is best for the people who want to widen the scope of their carrier and do something more than the regular nursing.

Telemetry Nurse Job Description

The primary responsibility of a telemetry nurse is to give an all-time attention to the critically ill client. They have to be very attentive and have to record each vital sign of the patient in the telemetry unit. The role of a telemetry nurse is wide, and they have to perform a lot of job responsibilities and duties. They have to check all the medical appliances and equipment and ensure their proper working. In addition, they also must know how to use this equipment’s so that they can check the patient’s blood pressure, heart rates, breathing, and temperature, etc. from time to time.

These nurses have to mostly treat patients suffering from diabetes, cancer, gastrointestinal illness, heart disease, neurological disorders and similar emergency conditions. The telemetry nurses have to carry out all the necessary diagnostic tests and make interpretations based on it.

They have to assist the physicians in treating the patient and have to give all the important details about the patients. It is a responsibility of a telemetry nurse to make all the settings required for the treatment of the patient. They often have to record the medical histories, make observations, administer the medicinal requirement, and consult with doctors about the necessary treatments. A telemetry RN job description also includes the duty of educating the patient and their family and giving them emotional support.

A telemetry nurse can further go for sub-specialization in various fields. Some nurses devote their entire career to the treatment of cardiovascular patients. They specialize in cardiac telemetry nurse job, but their job requirements are somewhat similar. A telemetry nurse has to deal with a number of people in a day. Therefore she must have good communication skills, sound technical skills, multi-tasking ability and a pleasant personality.

Telemetry Nurse Duties And Responsibilities

As it is clear that the role of a telemetry nurse is critical as well as very essential for any medical center, it is also obvious that their duties and responsibilities are way important than other types of nurses. They have to perform various tasks and bear in mind a lot of things. If you aspire to become a telemetry nurse, then it is essential that you are aware of their roles beforehand. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of a telemetry nurse listed below:

  • Must know the appropriate use of all the equipment to monitor the patient’s health condition
  • Carrying out all the necessary tests of the patient and recording each vital signs in their health
  • Interpreting the data and helping the doctors in carrying out treatments
  • Following the physician’s direction and keeping a record of the patient’s recovery
  • Providing education about the patient’s health to their family ad all the related parties
  • Carrying out all the other traditional nursing duties
  • Record the medical history of the patient and keeping in mind all their medical requirements as well.
  • Giving basic and advanced life support
  • Performing duties in different settings and environment to treat the patient
  • Scheduling and implementing the care plans with telemetry care unit
  • Carefully monitoring the patient’s progress after surgery and making a record of it
  • Catering to all the emergency problems by practicing the nursing protocols and rules
  • Collaborating with the telemetry care unit and taking all the necessary steps

There are various other duties that a telemetry nurse has to perform. They play a key role in the recovery and betterment of the patient. Therefore it is a moral and ethical duty of a nurse to carry out their entire responsibilities well.

Education Requirements To Become Telemetry Nurse

To become a telemetry nurse, you will have to first become a registered nurse by following any of the three acceptable routes. You can either receive a license from a hospital-based one-year diploma, a two-year associate degree in nursing (AND) or a degree in Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) which is a four-year procedure. Most of the telemetry nurses are seen choosing the latter option as it can give them an in-depth clinical practicum and a better well- rounded education. Most of the employers also prefer the BSN candidates for their job.

You will also have to pass the NCLEX-RN exam after which you can begin with entry-level staffing and move towards becoming a progressive nurse. The candidate is required to have at least 1750 hours of experience in the field of telemetry nursing to qualify for the Progressive Care Certified Nurse (PCCN).

Telemetry Nurse Skills

Nursing has no specific roadmap for the skills that a nurse should possess, but there are certain qualities that are must for a nurse. The below-listed skills will make the profession of a nurse easy going and take it to another level:

  • They must possess a strategic planning ability
  • Must have a desire to learn more and must pay attention to each minute details
  • Must possess a good decision-making ability so that good decision can be taken on the spot and apply their skills in a correct manner
  • They must be flexible enough to be able to work in different environments
  • It is important to have effective communication skills to interact with a patient, his family and other members of the unit
  • They must have expertise in evaluating the patients
  • Must have a pleasing nature and impressive personality
  • Must remain calm under pressure

Telemetry Nurse Salary

Since the role of a telemetry nurse is important and critical in a hospital, they are in demand all around the year. This is the reason that the telemetry nurses are paid a considerable amount of money. If we talk about the growth opportunities of a telemetry nurse, then it is said that the profession will see a growth of up to 19 percent in the future. Along with this, their pay is also expected to rise in the coming years. The annual average salary for a telemetry nurse is $58,958 as recorded according to the last survey. The salary can range from $49,431 – $89,704 a year. There are various factors that influence the salary of a telemetry nurse. Some of the factors can be the location, experience of the nurse, the employer’s norms and various such things.

Telemetry Nurse Salary Description
Basis Pay
Hourly Rate $23.37 – $43.26
Overtime (Hourly) $14.09 – $74.50
Bonus (Annual) $4,300
Total Pay (Annual) $49,431 – $89,704
Annual Average salary $58,958
Annual Hourly Wage $28.99

The above-given figures are just an estimate of their basic pay, but there are certainly other things that are included in the salary. Various allowances, perks, bonus, and overtime are also included in the salary of a telemetry nurse. The bonus can range according to the basic pay and can be estimated to be around $4,300. Other perks like the insurances and other facilities depend greatly on the employer under whom the nurse is working.

Hourly Pay Of A Telemetry Nurse

The nurses are often paid on the basis of the number of hours they worked. Therefore their wages are also calculated in hours. If we talk about the hourly wage of a telemetry nurse, their pay can range from $23.37 – $43.26 per hour. The overtime payment is also done to the telemetry nurses, and their overtime pay can range from $14.09 – $74.50 an hour. As it was stated earlier that there are various factors which influence the pay of a telemetry nurse, better will be the conditions more will be the salary. If the telemetry nurse is providing an all-time service to the patient in difficult conditions, her pay will be eventually better than others. Besides this, the education and experience also matter a lot. There are generally two categories in nursing. If a nurse has also pursued his or her masters in the field, then they are known as advanced telemetry nurse, and their pay is higher to their counterparts. The hourly wages are multiplied by the number of hours worked, and all their additional perks are added to it to form the total annual salary.

The state in which the nurse is practicing is one of the greatest deciding factors. If you are living or practicing in higher paying states, then your salary will be eventually more. Some of the high paying states are California, New York, Alaska, Hawaii, and Arizona, etc. so if you are looking for a job in the field of telemetry nurse, looking out for these states would be beneficial. Most of the telemetry nurses are women, and therefore it can be concluded that this is the best job for them. With increasing job opportunities and growing career scope, telemetry nursing is one of the best nurse specializations in the world.

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