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The following Terms and Conditions or Agreement manages the use of the Service that is available by allnursejobdescriptions.com, including all information, content, and functionality. The term ‘(allnursejobdescriptions.com)’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website.  The term ‘you’ refers to the user, visitor or viewer of our website. These terms and conditions signify the entire agreement and accepting between allnursejobdescriptions.com and the entity or individual who subscribes to our service. By accessing or using our website, you agree to follow all our website’s terms and conditions, including Privacy Policy and any additional terms, other communications etc. All these are included in these Terms and conditions.

Privacy and Protection of Your Information

We at allnursejobdescriptions.com, give more importance to your privacy as it is very crucial to us. You can find more details on our Privacy Policy page that shows how we gather and use the information when you visit the website.

Use of Website Materials

We own or certify all content and other website materials, including designs, graphics, logos, information, pictures, data, documentation, and the arrangement and a section of general materials, but not restricted to all text. The Website Materials are trademarked or copyrighted, and illegal use of these materials may break trademark, copyright, and other laws.

You can download, view, access, or print hard copies of the Website Materials for your educational purpose, personal and non-commercial use only. You are not supposed to change or reproduce the materials or you cannot display it publicly, distribute, or you can use it for any commercial or public purpose. We sternly forbid any use of our materials for any reason that is not particularly identified or approved in these Terms and Conditions or specifically allowed by us.

The Accuracy of Information

When it comes to the accuracy of information, allnursejobdescriptions.com considers but does not assure you that all the details that are shown on the website or an in any other alerts or e-mail, or infrastructure offered with the website is precise. Though the preceding that we suggest you is that you can verify all the information independently before making any educational financing or educational decisions.

Disclaimers and Warranties

You should clearly admit and agree that use of the website is at your personal risk, and the service of the website is offered “As Available” and “As Is.” In specific, its subsidiaries, allnursejobdescriptions.com, Affiliates, Agents, or/and Licensors do not warrant or represent to you that:

  • Your website will be uninterrupted, free from error, or secure.
  • Any details acquired by you as a consequence of your use of the website will be reliable or accurate.
  • Any website material that you want to download can be done at your personal risk and discretion. And, you are only liable for any damage to your device or computer system or data loss at the time of download.
  • No information available in written or oral or advice attained by you from allnursejobdescriptions.com or from the website functions or your use can make any guarantee is not specifically stated in the agreement terms.
  • allnursejobdescriptions.com specifically rejects all conditions and warranties, whether implied or express, but not restricted to the indirect warranties and conditions of scalability, suitability for a certain reason, and non-infringement.

Limitation of Liability

You should clearly agree and understand that allnursejobdescriptions.com, its agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, and licensors will not be accountable to you for:

  • Any secondary, indirect, substantial, unusual, or exemplary damages that might incur by you or caused by any presumption of liability. But, it is not restricted to any loss of kindness or business status, cost of procurement of alternate services or goods, data loss, or other subtle loss.
  • Any damage or loss, which incurred by you, including but not restricted to damage or loss caused by any consequences of changes that allnursejobdescriptions.com may create to the website or for any temporary or permanent remission in the condition of the website or any website features.

These restrictions on the responsibility of website, you should relate and understand the prospects of any losses occur even you are advised or not.

These terms and conditions will not restrict or exclude liability or warranty of website for losses that may not be legally restricted or disqualified by relevant law. Some authorities do not permit the prohibiting of particular conditions or warranties or the exclusion or limitation of responsibility for damage or loss caused by breach of contract, negligence, or breached of indirect terms, of consequential or incidental damages. Therefore, only the restrictions that are legal in your authority will apply to you, and the responsibility of website will be restricted to the utmost level allowed by law.

Questions & Contact Information

If you want to know more information or have any questions related to the website, then you can directly contact us at info (@) allnursejobdescriptions.com.