Wound Care Nurse

If you have a strong inclination towards caring for wounds then, becoming a wound care nurse can be interesting, you will be able to see your patients recover. To know the salary and job description of the job read here.

$43,365 - $82,397
AVG    Annual    SALARY
$3,613 – $6,866
AVG    Monthly    SALARY
$20.08 - $37.44
AVG    Hourly    SALARY

Wound Care Nurse Salary And Job Description

Nursing has turned out to be one of the best career opportunities in the world. There are various specializations in nursing, and every specialization attracts a nurse made for it. If you are a registered nurse and your stomach churns for treatment of an osteotomy, open wounds or burns then you must not miss the opportunity to become a Wound care nurse. There are various specialists in the medical field but very few specialize in treating wounds and severe cuts, and this is the reason the Wound care nurse have a rising demand. If this specialty piques your interest then here is all that you want to know about a Wound care nurse.

What Is A Wound Care Nurse?

The registered nurses or the nurse practitioners who get specialization in treating the wounds, ostomy and continence care are known as the Wound care nurse. They are specialized in managing and treating the disorders that affect the genitourinary, integumentary or gastrointestinal systems and treat the wounds by giving care and necessary treatment to the patient under various settings. However the wound care nurses were considered to be a part of acute care teams, they are now becoming a vital component, and their demand is increasing day by day. The wound care nurses are trained to treat the wounds commonly found in long-term or acute health care.

The Wound Care Nurse Job Description

The job of every nurse is critical irrespective of what specialization they have. The responsibilities, duties and job description of a wound care nurse are equally contributing and tough. They have to treat the patients under different settings, treat and manage the draining and traumatic wounds, pressure ulcers, tubes and fistulas and surgical incisions. Apart from this they also have to perform various other tasks involving basic nursing responsibilities and ethical duties.

The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Wound Care Nurse

The scope of the job description of a wound care nurse involves many more things that you can ever think or imagine. If you want to know what they do or what are the duties or responsibilities of a wound care nurse then the below-given points may help you:

  • The wound care nurses have to treat the skin reactions of the patients
  • They have to treat or manage vascular ulcers, diabetic ulcers and all the other type of ulcers
  • Treat all the types of open wounds, scars or skin infections
  • Preventing the skin breakdown
  • Taking proper measures to prevent the wound from getting worse and providing proper care to the patient
  • Treating and assessing the draining wounds and fistulae problems
  • Practicing the comprehensive wound management to control odor and performing causative factors
  • The wound care nurse have to assess all the nutritional needs to the patient and providing the topical therapies to them
  • They have to design pouch systems for draining fistulae and wounds of the patient
  • Educating and supporting the patient morally and emotionally is also a part of the responsibilities of a wound care nurse
  • They also have to provide emotional support to the patients family and educate them of all the necessary care and wound
  • They have to learn to provide all the instructions to dress the wound and treat them in the right manner
  • Implementing preventive measures in order to reduce the incidences of ulcers and wounds is also an important part of the duty of a wound care nurse
  • Educating the patient about the wound or ulcers and make him aware of the treatments done on him
  • Examining the wounds or problem of the patient and preparing the list of tests or examinations needed
  • Providing proper setting to the patient to treat him
  • Helping and assisting the doctor and giving him all the help needed
  • To coordinate with the medical team to provide proper treatment to the patient
  • Examining the recovery of the patient and altering the medications as needed.

Apart from the above-given responsibilities and duties of the wound care nurse, they also have to practice all the basic nursing duties when needed. They are the specialists who have to treat, monitor and assess the patient’s wounds to provide them better health management.

Wound Care Nurse Salary

As mentioned earlier that the job of a wound care nurse has to see a lot of sunshine in the coming decades. The number of people who have specialization in treating the wounds and ulcers is very less, and thus the demand for wound care nurses are increasing. Just as the demand for this nursing specialization is increasing there has been a considerable hype in the salary of the nurses as well. When we talk about the pay of a wound care nurse, the figures are quite impressing. The positive trend in the salary of a wound care nurse makes it the most loved profession chosen by the registered nurses.

Wound Care Nurse Salary Description
Basis Salary (Hourly Wage)
Hourly Rate $20- $37.45
Overtime $29.08- $54.16
Bonus (Annually) $0.00- $3,933
Total Pay $43,159 – $82,161
Average Annual Salary $65,681
Average Hourly Pay $27.94

According to the data presented by payscale an average wound care nurse is said to make around $65,681 annually. They are also said to receive various other perks and interest in the employment. Where the incentives and perks of a wound care nurse depend upon his or her employer, the common incentives that they get is dental coverage, medical coverage, bonuses, and other health benefits as well. The incentives given above are dependent on the nurse to nurse as where some of them receive all these facilities, half of them don’t.

However, other than this the earning of a wound care nurse is quite decent, and the professionals are quite satisfied with their job. As per a study, it was revealed that the profession of a wound care nurse is more beneficial for women as compared to men and this is the reason most of the wound nurses are women.

How Much Do Wound Care Nurse Make in An Hour?

Where the annual salary of a wound care nurse is $65,681 annually, hourly rate of their pay is said to be $27.94 as per the payscale. However, the figures are given on an average basis. Thus the salary rate may differ depending on various factors. The minimum hourly pay of a wound care nurse is $20, and the maximum is recorded as $37 per hour.

Accordingly, the minimum annual salary of this profession is $46000, and the maximum is said to go up to $90000. The bonus paid to the wound care nurses may vary greatly. Where some of the nurses do not receive the bonus at all, some of them may receive the bonus up to $3,933. Other perks and monitory incentives also affect the rate of salaries on a great level.

Factors That Affect The Salary Of A Wound Care Nurse

As mentioned in the earlier section, the salary of a wound care nurse is not fixed and may vary depending upon various different factors. The biggest factor that affects the salary of a wound care nurse is the location or the geographical factors. The place where the nurse is practicing influences his or her salary a great deal.

There are various highest paying states especially in the US, and some of them are New York and LOS Angeles where the nurses in this profession are said to receive the salary of up to $95k as well.  Followed by the geographical factors the work experience, type of employer and level of education also influence the salary of a nurse. Higher the working experience, higher will be the pay and vice versa.

When we talk about the salary received by the wound care nurse on the basis of their experience, then the amount may vary as follows:

  • For the nurses who have just started their profession, their salary may go up to $55,000 to $57,000.
  • For the ones who are in mid of their carrier, their salary may range from $30,000 and go up to $63,000
  • If you are an experienced professional, then the scope of your salary based on your experience may raise up to $65,000

Apart from the experience factor the employer under which a wound care nurse is working also plays a great role in their salary. If you are employed at a higher level, then your employer may pay you higher than your early employment. Thus the salary of a wound care nurse may be different at different places.

From all the data and figures given above, it can be concluded that the salary of an average wound care nurse is quite satisfactory and fulfilling. As the demand for this profession and specialization is rising the scope of their salary is also increasing. Therefore if you are looking out for a nursing specialization that could give you job security as well as satisfaction, then you can go to wound care nurse.

Wound Care Nurse Job Outlook

The need for a certified Wound care nurse is relatively high, and the demand is increasing day by day. It is expected that the jobs for a Wound care nurse would see a hype of around 10 percent to 27 percent in the future along with the increase in their salary. The nature of a Wound care nurse is very versatile, and this is the reason they can play various roles in the time of emergency. Every medical center or a hospital receives many wounded patients in a day, and therefore it is important for every hospital to hire a wound care nurse who is specialist in her work.

It is said that the medical facilities will see the highest number of certified wound care nurse in future and therefore their future is really promising. With the growth in the medical advancements, the positions are expected to increase in the field of nursing. If you are specializing in the field care nursing and are a registered nurse with good experience and knowledge, then you can expect higher salaries than the others too.

The Wound care nurses have the specific talent which is desired by many medical institutions. The salary that they earn today is higher than most of the other types of nurses. It is said that the job satisfaction of the Wound care nurses is higher and they consider their job to be fulfilling.  Since the Wound care nursing is a relatively new field of nursing, there is a significant shortage of specialized professionals which increase their value and potential even more.

However, the nurses that enter this profession have to be highly skilled and must have a strong will to be able to cater the severe wounds and such sights. They have to be certified as it increases their value even more and help them get a better job. In short, it could be said that the future of Wound care nurses is bright and it is a great career option.

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